The Great Red Oak Press is small attempt to think and share freely.

We acknowledge the challenges: the ecological crisis, the global economic collapse, the corporate takeover of Western democracies.

Yet we stand in resistance to this fate.  We believe in abundance and creativity.

Individual human beings and small communities are waking up to their own power.  We are seeing world wide, people rising up in an unparalleled direct democracy movements to take back control of human lives, and the way we interact with the Earth that supports us all, into the hands of regular people themselves.

The Great Red Oak Press seeks to participate in sharing the stories of this growing hope.   The Great Red Oak is a tree that the late Thomas Berry sat beneath as he wrote books that shared a vision on another world, where humans and the Earth live as a mutually enhancing covenant and we see all the Universe as a community of subjects rather than a collection of objects.  Father Berry’s work informs the spiritual self discovery that has lead myself as publisher, and many of our writers, to find the courage to speak out and share our visions of hope for the future and our refusal to accept the vision of destruction and planetary suicide a small minority of people blinded by the worship of wealth and power seek to impose on us all.

We believe in peace, truth, justice and most importantly love, of each other, and the planet and Universe of which we are all an intricate part.  We hope the stories we share here will promote this faith in a beautiful and possible future world.  Another world is possible.  We just have to plant it.

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